Minas de Bacis in Mexico install the first N-Connex Network

Minas de Bacis in Mexico install the first N-Connex Network

NLT Australia in conjunction with our Distributor for Mexico, Importaciones, were thrilled to be selected by Minas de Bacis in Mexico to install the first N-Connex network. Initially pre-production equipment was supplied in 2016 and now as the mine expands and the usage of the network expands, de Bacis are rolling out the latest N-Connex nodes (Distribution, Power and Battery modules) with our Bolt Access Point.

Minas de Bacis are using the system for their primary mine communications system and also for Tracking personnel and vehicles. They soon will implement Gas Monitoring over the network along with other data communications solutions.

Minas de Bacis highlights that a mine with limited Information Technology (IT) skills on site can enjoy the benefits of the latest in networking capabilities. The ease of installing and maintaining the N-Connex system has meant that de Bacis personnel, after initial training, can support and indeed expand directly.

De Bacis use N-connex as their primary voice solution, along with the Icom IP100’s and hence having high reliability and uptime is paramount.

NLT Is appreciative of the mines management for installing the first ever N-Connex system and allowing the concepts and products to be field tested and proven.

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